Principal’s Message

Tuning and Tutoring

Teaching and Learning are the two supreme mile stones in the journey of mankind.  We have been bestowed with the divine grace to be entrusted with the responsibility to bring out the ennobling work of educating children.

The greatness of this work born of perseverance and single minded dedication lies in its objective and unprecedented delineation of young brains filled with knowledge and minds with energetic  learning aspirations.

The preliminary step towards education is tuning the mind to  crave for knowledge and to make it understand the values like kindness, courtesy , politeness, accommodation, nonviolence etc.,

Kamaya evaam  purusha  iti

Sa yathakamo bhavathi tatkratur  bhavati

Yat kratur  bhavathi  tat  karma  kurute

Yat  karma kurute   tad  abhisampadyate     _  Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Which means

As you  are what your deep desire is

As your desire is so is your will

As  Your Will Is So Is Your Deed

As Your Deed Is So Is Your Destiny

 The desire provokes the will;  The will leads to right path; Our Deeds in the right path will give a good destiny. Hence the  foundation is the mind which is to be tuned towards the right path and urge for learning .We as Tutors do this tuning  job.

As a gem stone from the mine, though precious needs to undergo the rigors of the Grindstone.  So is the student, though intelligent, must undergo the process  in tutoring to attain prominence.  We make the children shine as Gem Stones after tuning their minds and tutoring their  brains.

N.Revathi M.Sc., M.A.,B. Ed., B.G.L., D.L.L.