History of the School

Sree Sankara Bala Vidyalaya Golden Jubilee School founded in 2008 and affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education in 2014 and upgraded as Junior College in 2016 has its own Unique Identity. Though our school was established at Pallikaranai this decade we have inherited a system of  Education for more than 5 decades which  imparts Man Making, Qualitative, Inclusive, Human Integralism Education , without commercializing Education.

SSBV , T.Nagar was founded on the Advice and with the Blessings of His Holiness Paramachaya the Mahaswami of Kanchi in 1958 at Ramanujam Street, T.Nagar. During his annual Pattina Pravesam  to  ersthwhile Mambalam presently T.Nagar, he suggested Late Sri.K.M.Subramaniam, a well-known Philanthropist   and  formerly member of the legislative Assembly , T.Nagar, to open a good  Kinder Garten school combined with Vedic, Sanskrit, Tamil oriented, Scientifically Updated  English Medium School to help the Residents  in and around Mambalam. He made the suggestion to Late K.M.Subramaniam with the advice not to waste approximately 3.5  grounds at Ramanujam Street, Which was kept idle.

Late Sri.K.M. Subramaniam and his wife Smt.Sarada Subramaniam took the advice and blessings of    Maha Periava in total Letter and Spirit and vowed to fulfill the Agnaya of Mahaperiava. Such a Culminatination of the divine factors was the foundation for a good English medium school at T.Nagar.

SSBVGJS following the footsteps of SSBV T.Nagar was established at Kamakoti Nagar, Narayanapuram, Pallikarani in 2008. From 1958 to 2008 and till the transformation of SSBV, T.Nagar to SSBVGJS, Kamakoti Nagar thousands of children spanning around  4 generations have blossomed to well behaved human beings and has made their Presence throughout the length and breadth of this Universe. Sree  Sankara Bala Vidyalaya Golden Jubilee School and Junior College school has the hallmark of enrolling great grandchildren of the  students who  have completed their schooling in SSBV, T.Nagar.

SSBVGJS  which has its legacy from SSBV, T.Nagar has its own divinity  was blessed  to commence its operations with the advice of  His Holiness the Mahaswami of  Kanchi and SSBVGJS Commenced its operations with the Land at  Kamakoti Nagar provided by His Holiness Pujya Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal of Kanchi.  The Successive Acharyas of Kanchi has been immensely benedicting the growth of our School and Our Service in providing Qualitative Education.

To Conclude, our school namely Sree Sankara Bala Vidyalaya Golden Jubilee School & Junior College which has divinity imbibed within, will march with Mission and Vision of providing Man-making Education and fulfill the aspirations of every parent to make their child a disciplined human being.

The saying of Paramacharya in 1958 during the inauguration of SSBV drives us in providing Qualitative Education. To Quote….. “Sound and disciplined habits inculcated among the Children in the age group of 3 to 5 in a good Kinder Garten School are the real Foundation for Brilliant Academic Career & Successful Life”