Director’s Message

Milestone…SSBVians in fore-front

Since 2006, I am involved in this campus at various levels with an agenda of bringing out a good CBSE school with the vision provided by our founders and backed by a powerful management which leaves no stones unturned till we achieve excellence.

Though the school was officially started in 2008 the first batch of our students with cent per cent success came out in the year 2013-14.The most awaited stepping stone for glory has come out in the 2016 board exams  when majority of our students scored a 9 CGPA in the board exams.

Our School Topper Miss. P.R. Jothi Yamini was our first student and one among the 13 students transferred from Athreya Vidhyalaya to SSBVGJS in 2008.The student has come out with the record of 10 out off 10 CGPA in the board exams.

As an an academic and administrative head, I believe that success not only brings celebrations and joy but also poses a fresh challenge of maintaining and building more such success stories.

Already the SSBVGJS team has thoroughly studied the achievements of our students in the last academic year and the goal to achieve 10 out off  10 CGPA for many number of students in the upcoming academic year is set.

The milestone that we have reached in the last academic year was a path of turbulence. I sincerely feel and pray that the path ahead would be filled with peace and normalcy by which our  achievements would be doubled.

A.Gandhimathi  B.Sc., M.A., M. Ed.